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THE BAT & BALL & HAYWARDS RESTURANT is an independantly run business set in the heart of the sussex countryside.

As a family business, we understand that it is important to integrate ourselves into the local community

At THE BAT & BALL& HAYWARDS RESTURANT we understand the importance of trading in positivity.We know that by respecting and treating our staff well, we can put a smile on their faces that will spread to our customers.

If customers and staff leave enriched, then we have succeeded in our mission.  



Inspired by seasonal changes, our menu integrates British & Continental classics with modern innovation. It is important to us that this is done ethically and sustainably, which is why we strive to use local produce from companies who share our values


Our experiance has taught us that customers are our greatest asset. We believe that our relationship with you should be symbotic, allowing us to thrive in a competitve industry whilst enriching and improving the experiance of our customers. 


We are extremely proud of our pub & resturant and whatever the reason for your visit we are committed to making sure you feel welcome at THE BAT & BALL & HAYWARDS RESTURANT.

We aim to make your visit as memorable & enjoyable as possible with our 'can do' attitude, values & charm.   

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